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At the 2018 conference, participants have the following options for earning CMTE credits:
  • Wednesday:
    CMTE A (3 credits), -or- CMTE B (3 credits), -or-
    CMTE C (5 credits), -or- CMTE D (5 credits), -or-
    CMTE E (5 credits), -or-
    NICU Institute (8 credits).
  • Friday:
  • CMTE F (3 credits) -or- CMTE G: (3 credits)

  • Umbrella Grouping of concurrent sessions: 3 or 5 CMTE credits
  • Conference Attendance: 5 CMTE credits
Read about the CMTE Courses offered at this year's conference.

Because of the arrangement of CMTE schedules:

  • Conference registrants who take the NICU Institute on Wednesday may NOT take other Wednesday CMTE courses, because of the time conflict.
  • All conference registrants may participate in one Umbrella Grouping of concurrent sessions for 3 or 5 CMTE credits.
  • In addition, all conference attendees may earn 5 CMTE credits for attending the entire conference.

Conference attendees may choose to participate in as many or as few CMTE opportunities as they wish. Be aware of time conflicts. Check the conference fee schedule for CMTE fees. Participation in the Umbrella Groupings is free of charge, since these courses are part of the regular conference concurrent session offerings.

Participants are not limited to the umbrella groupings designed by the Conference Committee. Umbrella groupings may be created to fit the needs of each individual's practice in the field of music therapy. Please refer to the CBMT Recertification Manual (under the heading "umbrella groupings") for more information on how to organize and/or document umbrella groupings. For more information on Umbrella groupings, you may also view the recertification manual on the web at www.cbmt.org.

Please look elsewhere on the conference website for fees, rules, and policies governing the CMTE sessions. CMTE offerings are subject to change. Announcements regarding any changes in CMTE sessions will be made at the earliest possible time.