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We are pleased to announce that the umbrella groupings shown above will be available as part of the 2018 SER-AMTA Regional Conference. Umbrella groupings are short, content-related events organized by a unifying theme. Umbrella groupings must relate to the 2015 Board Certification Domains, and must be a minimum of 3 contact hours in length. (A contact hour is 50 minutes.)

Click on a group above to see the sessions that comprise that group.
For more on umbrella groupings, please see the CBMT Recertification Manual (5th ed.) on page 17. Information on calculating credits can be found on page 13.

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. Business and Professional Development

The business of music therapy, including funding of music therapy services, private practice and business skills, and other financial and legal issues. Sessions in this group also relate to the professional development of the music therapist.

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. Evidence-based Clinical Work

Sessions in this topic address questions such as: Which interventions are based on research studies? How can we let research more effectively inform practice? How can be better communicate with patients?

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. Music Techniques and Technology

Sessions in this group focus on musical techniques such as songwriting, improvisation, facilitation, as well as the use of technology tools in music therapy sessions and client care.

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. Population-Specific Techniques

Presentations will feature music therapy techniques, activity ideas, and repertoire that can easily be applied to the audience's clinical work. Sessions will focus on interventions, songs, resources, and tips.

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. Self-Care and Wellness

What can we do to prevent compassion fatigue or vocal strain? How do we build overall health and well-being when we are stressed and tired? What motivates us to continue working with compassion, energy and authenticity?

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